What are you buying when you hire a wedding planner? 

A referral source, a guide in preventing you from making a costly mistake, a trusted unbiased opinion for assisting with family matters, someone to assist in keeping organized and not get overwhelmed, and most importantly, peace of mind. 

Wedding & Event  Planning Services 

Full   Planning

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We understand how overwhelming the idea of planning your entire wedding by yourself is. Scouting venues, vetting, researching and interviewing professional wedding vendors, determining a budget, designing the overall aesthetic... planning takes a lot of time and energy and I *know* you are a busy professional excelling in your career, spending time with your fiance, friends and family, and enjoying your life. 

We’ve spent the last few years building solid relationships with venues and vendors. Let us take care of the big plans, special details and everything in between. We'll be the primary liaison between you and your vendor team. We will work with them to create a cohesive and unique vision within your budget for your special day. 

Full planning is priced at a percentage of your overall budget or a flat rate depending on the logistics, length, and detail of your wedding.

Do you have the researching, negotiating, contracting all under control and now you want to make sure the day of your wedding runs smoothly? We've got you covered so you can fully enjoy every moment of your wedding day.

Most popularly known as 'day of coordination', our Event Management package gives you the hands on satisfaction of planning your wedding. 

Then you can confidently and comfortably pass all of your hard work over to us. Don't worry, we will learn every last detail of your special day so we can successfully carry out your vision. At least two months before your wedding, we'll be in contact to familiarize ourselves with your plans and create a timeline with our exclusive planning applications, confirming contracted professional wedding vendor agreements and 

guiding your wedding party through the events of the day.

Event Management 

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Venue Consulting

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Need help finding the location of your wedding day? Whether you're looking for a formal ballroom reception, beach side sand ceremony, a garden cocktail party, or a totally tricked out custom tent installation - let us help in finding the perfect spot to say 'I Do'!

1. Tell us your event details here 
2. We create a quote based on your unique needs
3. After contract signing and deposit, we start planning! 

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a Wedding-planning Must-Have!

Alexa is not only qualified, but personable, professional, and FUN to work with - she made every part of the process (planning, vendors, dealing parents...) fun and easy, and I don't know what I would have done without her. I didn't think you needed a "day-of" coordinator either - she proved me wrong!! She was there for everything that went wrong - which was only one thing, out of our hands - did I worry? No. Alexa was there. Hire her, you won't regret it.

Alexa is Amazing

Words cannot express my gratitude for Alexa, she is a top-notch planner and I am incredibly lucky to have had her on our wedding day! Alexa always had everything 100% under control and and her calm and caring demeanor made for a stress free wedding day. I cannot express enough how much I recommend Alexa to anyone looking for a wedding planner. Thank you again for everything Alexa! 💕

Hiring Alexa was a Necessity!

My wedding would not have been the same without Alexa! She was such a vital part of our wedding and the success of the day, I really can't imagine how we would have survived without her. The week of our (outdoor) wedding, Alexa spent countless hours with us trying to figure out the best back up plans. She thought of every detail, and really made a huge difference in our outcome. I thought I could manage coordinating our wedding by myself, but looking back hiring Alexa was the best decision we made. She took care of things I never even thought of, and so many problems arose the day of that she just took care of without ever coming to me. Thank you Alexa and team!

A Godsend For My Wedding

Alexa was a godsend for my wedding. I was the bride-to-be who had the picture-perfect vision but had no idea how (and no desire) to spend my wedding day executing it. Alexa swooped in with her spreadsheets, industry experience, and KINDNESS to help bring my vision to life. She coordinated with all of my many vendors and took care of problems that came up during the wedding so that we could just enjoy our day.

I couldn't recommend Alexa more - SHE IS AMAZING!!