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Who We Are

We are an agency of freelance coordinators who travel around the country assisting luxury planning companies with their clients’ weddings and events.

Why Freelance?

You might be asking why freelance? Why not take on your couples? I could, but I prefer taking care of wedding planners and pro’s and supporting them with their needs. Since working in the industry since 2004, I’ve discovered I value the ongoing business to business relationship, while still getting to do the thing I know best - planning and executing events. The wedding industry resonates with me because we share the same core value- serving others. Growing up in a big, loving, Italian/Greek family from Long Island, serving others is my second nature. 

I understand you need someone who’s highly skilled, detail oriented, experienced in logistics and execution, and also sophisticated around your discerning clientele. Feel free to throw me right in the middle of the action, but I’ll happily fold napkins in the back by myself if you need me to. I’m task list oriented. I love formatting guest lists in Excel 15 different ways. You can put me in front of your million dollar wedding client or have me scraping and stacking dinner plates, and I’ll do both with the same enthusiasm.

What can I do to make your life and your operation better, easier and less stressful during event weekends?

The investment

Starting at $550 / Day

Flight will be invoiced 30 days before event

Stay at host hotel or similar for all nights required on site

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